Download Smadav 2017 USB Antivirus

Hello and welcome again to my blog. In this post, you will find an additional protection for your PC, compatible with other antivirus products. Smadav is the best USB antivirus I've ever used to clean my USB Flashdisk from virus and restore hidden/infected files.
Features of Smadav 2017 Rev. 11.1 :
+ New design for Smadav 2017,
+ Adding new 1040 virus database,
+ Adding quick mode for faster automatic USB scanning,
+ Adding new technologies for Smadav Anti-Ransomware protection,
+ and other enhancements.

Four Main function of Smadav :
1- Additional Protection for your PC, compatible with other antivirus products!
2- Best USB Antivirus (Total Protection for USB Flashdisk)
3- Low resource Antivirus. Smadav only using small fraction of your PC resources. Smadav most of the time only use very small memory (under 5 MB) and CPU usage (under 1%). With this very small resource usage, Smadav will not slow your computer. And you can still install another antivirus that will together work with Smadav to protect your PC.
4- Cleaner and tools to clean virus. Smadav can clean some virus that already infected your PC and also fix the registry change made by the virus. Many tools included in Smadav to fight for virus cleaning

Downloading Link:
You can download the software for free directly from here:

You can visit the software website from here 
Thanks & wish you a very good time.

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