Different teachers have different attitudes toward the way of grammar-teaching. However most teachers believe that grammar-teaching is important. This importance is ensured by many authors because it has may benefits. Howatt, A. P. R. (1984) states that the main purpose of grammar-teaching is to help language learners see how the foreign languages work, so that learners can handle progressively more different texts.
Cameron, L. (2201) says "grammar is necessary to express precise meaning of discourse. This necessity appears when grammar ties into vocabulary in learning foreign languages. It also can evolve from the learning of chunks of language. Grammar also can be taught without technical labels. As a relation to this, Brown, H. D. (1994) says that to teach or not to teach grammar depend on age, proficiency level, educational background, language skills, needs and goals.

Grammar-teaching:Explicit Vs Implicit: click here

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