A Tour In Al-Hamra

It is located in the interior of the Sultanate of Oman in the northwestern part of Al-Jabal Al-Akhdar (the Green Mountain) Visitors can enjoy many attractive places in Al-Hamra as the following photos show.

Jabal Shams
It is a high mountain which is about 3000m high and has a mild weather in summer and the temperature in winter usually may reach 0°. There is sometimes snow. The most important villages of Jabal Shams are Al-Marat and Krob.

Al-Hoota Cave
It is the second largest cave in Oman and it is formed by limestone rocks for thousands of years. The length of the cave is about five kilometers. Tourists are allowed to visit the first kilometer of it.

Hasat Bin Sult
A big rock which has old writings and it is estimated to be from the Bronze Age It is located in a valley near the village of Qal'at Al-Masalha.

The Persian Fort
It is located in Wadi Ghoal and it is an old fort that nothing remains of it but the foundations. It is the last stronghold of the ancient Persians in Oman during the time of Malik Bin Fahm Al-Azdi.

Misfat Al-Abriyeen
A beautiful village near Jebel Shams and away from the center of Al-Hamra of about five kilometers and it is characterized by its traditional buildings and the wonderful unique agricultural system.

Wadi Ghoal
One of the most important valleys of Al-Hamra and it has several small villages and neighborhoods which show beauty and nature scenery.

Misfat Al-Khawater
A beautiful village in Jebel Shams which has a wonderful landscape.

A wonderful village underneath Jabal Shams which is located next to an amazing valley.

Al-Safah House
It is the first house built in the oldest neighborhood in Al-Hamra and it was built about three centuries ago and consists of several floors.

There are many towers in Al-Hamra that were used for defense and surveillance in times of war in the past.

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