Structuring in Grammar Learning

Structuring occurs when learner integrates new information which s/he has in the input language into her/his interlanguage. Interlanguage means what learner already acquired of language grammatical system. Cameron (2001) states that structuring contains what learner put the new grammar pattern into the learner internal grammar and recognizes the internal grammar. In other words, structuring is developing hypothesis about the linguistic items learner noticed and also involved incorporating new hypothesis. Batstone (1995) cited in Cameron (2001) suggests that structuring requires controlled practice of form and meaning.

It is also suggested that learner should change form in order to express meaning. S/he can be given choices that requires adjustments in grammar to express meaning. There may be limited impact on spontaneous use. Most of the results of structuring work are still internal.

The new noticed information may force learner to reformulate her/his existing hypothesis about understanding grammar. This understanding may be structured and restructured on the bases of the input learner has noticed. At the same time as structuring is taking place, learner should focus on the target grammar, the amount of thinking about the target grammar, how much attention s/he has to pay to meaning and the amount of choices to restructuring language. Drills can be used to support structuring but with awareness in order to understand what learners are saying.

My Suggested Task To clarify Structuring
This stage aims to practice talking about pictures using "There is" and to check that the learners can use "There are" to describe pictures by applying the procedure of using "There is". This show that the learners are trying to integrate new information which they have in their input into their interlanguage. In this stage the learners are given chances to change form in order to express meaning. That comes into view, because they are replacing "There are" instead of "There is" and they can recognize that the meanings are different in the two situation.

It was shown in the noticing stage that the learners might discover the difference. The new noticed information may force them to reformulate their existing hypothesis about understand grammar. In this case they well create a new rule that "There are" is used to express the plural noun form. Using the word-cards to build up sentences will help the learners to structure sentences and to practice the correct positions of parts of the sentence.

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