How technology can support learning and teaching

Technology has a major influence in the world and also in the classroom. It plays a great role in the most new language learning and teaching systems. It can support learning and teaching in many ways as the following part will show. 
Technology provides motivation, fun and interest, because it improves a climate for learning, and increases student motivation in subjects when they use technical resources. For example, using PowerPoint presentation which contains a lot of attractive movements, pictures and sounds, can create a sort of interest in order to improve the enjoyment.
Technology also helps teacher to bring reality to the classroom. It makes learning more interactive by providing connections to the real world. For example, using video motivates pupils because it provides opportunity to watch and listen to native speakers. Video also can support understanding because it brings the outside world to the class. Television is a great device which connects pupils’ minds to the outside world. It provides opportunity to know about different societies and cultures in order to enhance pupils’ knowledge.

In addition, technology shapes and modifies the curriculum to match learners' developmental needs as well as personal interests. Teacher must realize that sciences are progressing. Pupils read about, see and touch the development of systems and machines. Therefore, providing technology in the classroom can match pupils’ needs in order to improve their learning. Technology can encourage pupils to learn individually by supporting the learner's needs and capabilities while promoting creative and critical thinking. Teachers must advance in their method of instruction and knowledge of technology to support the individual learner.

Finally, technology enhances ways for collaboration among family members and the school community. Using communication means such as telephone and fax can shorten the distance and break the ice between schools and families.

Limitation of using technology in the classroom
Using technology in the classroom may have limitations. For example, many new users fear technology. They tend to come to technology with a certain degree of nervousness, because they are afraid of not being successful users of technology. Technology breakdowns can be disruptive and usually require experts to repair. Most programs need knowledge and training. It also important to consider that “initial hardware, software and online connection costs can be high. Equipment rapidly becomes outdated”.
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However, the success or failure of technology depends on the ability of the user of hardware or software. Therefore, it is important to encourage teachers and learners to improve their technical knowledge by training and bringing what they learn to reality.

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